Little Known Website Traffic Secret

When you survey the entire internet gamut of website owners and ask the question; what is the hardest part of internet commerce, the resounding answer is getting, acquiring, and or retaining website traffic. There are countless means and methods of getting a blog or website posted online and those include costs that vary anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. But, the most elusive aspect of internet business is always left to obtaining the right amount of website traffic, to sustain your business presence, to make it profitable.

Before getting directly into this little known website traffic secret, would you also agree that there are countless attempts to sell you on what are the latest greatest website traffic tools at your disposal? Unfortunately, this usually entails a long tedious and technical process, that only a few webmasters know how to do and or, are willing to spend the money or time actually applying these methods.

Let’s refocus first on what is more of the objective to succeeding and sustaining a website business. What do you perceive your traffic to do for you? Do you expect volume or generic traffic, targeted traffic, or opt in traffic?

There have been studies conducted that say that for generic traffic to be effective in making sales, you can only expect 2 percent of visitors to actually become customers, or in other words, only 2 people out of every 100 will make a purchase. Is that what you would consider accurate or acceptable website traffic response? Have you seen this to be true in your online business?

What if you could realize a 70 percent sales rate? Would you consider that to be an eye-opening difference in your online business? What if you could get this type of website traffic response without relying on search engines, article writing, forum surfing, opt-in sign-ups or any other method you have ever heard, would that interest you? Would you think that would be considered little known website traffic secrets? You would be exactly right.

Without going into a long drawn out explanation, there really is a better method available to the general public for an incredible response rate for website traffic. This method is not some flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow fad, but a real everyday business tool that can revive the worst of internet businesses by just knowing how and where to apply this information.

The little known website traffic secret is in mail-in buyers’ lists. These are lists of known and self identified buyers, of specific products that have opted-in, to be notified when new or interesting products of their specific choosing become available. In other words, you don’t have to seek out the buyers for your products, all you have to do is contact them directly and make your offer. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s like selling water in the desert. Can you picture this landslide discovery? It simply doesn’t get any more hand and glove than this.

Talk about Holy Grail of Website Traffic!

If you are a new website owner or have had less than expected business results from your website traffic, then you definitely can appreciate this little known website traffic secret. Again, this is not new, nor is it illegal, or a passing fad. Whatever traffic totals you feel your website needs to satisfy your goals as far as sales or views, is easily and readily available. That is a pretty bold statement, but easily verifiable.

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