More Killer Traffic Secrets

Generating traffic to your site! Does it create any impact on your online business? Certainly, if you are an online marketer who is looking forward to make huge profit through your online business, then you need to create traffic to your site. Have you heard the secret mantras of your marketing gurus? “The website that generates more traffic will generate more sales”. How to create effective traffic? Here are some killer traffic secrets.

* Blog Commenting – Blog commenting is very effective because most of the potential customers look blog commenting sites to get solution for their problems. So, choose the blogs that is related to your niche and post comments regularly. When you comment on blogs, you will get a chance to add your link at the bottom. So, if the visitor feels that your comment is useful, he may click the domain link and generate traffic to your site.

* Links through freebies – You can offer freebies like e-books to the audience and build links through it. In return you can get their personal details like name, e-mail ID, phone number etc. Through an autoresponder you can build links and create traffic.

* Article submission – Submitting articles in various directories can create killer traffic to your site. Audience look for quality articles from various sites including ezine articles, articlebase etc. So, by submitting articles in these sites, you can generate good amount of traffic to your site.

* Blogs – Blogging is also one of the ways to build quality links. You can either create your own blogs or choose blogs that is relevant to your niche and post contents. Blog postings are similar to article writing, but blog posts are not lengthy like the articles.

* E-mail marketing – Build the subscribers list and make regular follow-ups through e-mail. You can add your domain link in all the e-mail you send to your customer. Send useful information through your e-mail marketing including the discounts and offers. So, if the customer is interested in purchasing your product, he will click the link provided at the signature file to reach your site. Thus traffic is generated through e-mail marketing.

* Social networking sites – At present social networking sites are the hot place to generate traffic. There are many social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. You can upload your business profile in these sites and drive traffic through this page. Social networking sites help you in building your subscribers list. Millions of people visit social networking sites, so creating links through these sites is sure to increase your website traffic.

Social bookmarking sites – Some of the social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark a page and create backlinks are Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc. Link building leads to heavy traffic. These sites help you in building quality links.

* YouTube – the most advanced and user friendly traffic generating technique is YouTube. Now even video sites are listed in the search engine results page along with the content sites. So, creating quality videos to promote your product and uploading them in the video channels like YouTube will fetch you more customers and more traffic.

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