Important Auto Blogging Tips

I have been doing some testing regarding auto blogging. This is a concept I have not even tried until just recently. I can see already that this is the key to average people making alot of money online if you do it right.

What if you do it wrong? Here are a few tips I have learned so far.

1. blogs. Almost every blog I have set up using Google’s free blogging platform has quickly been shut down due to spamming.

I really do not see anyway to do auto blogging with a blogspot blog. By this I mean using auto software to post plr articles and rss feeds. They do not want any duplicate content clogging up their system.

This is not to say you can not make using Google’s free blogs. I have made money with them in the past, but the key is to choose a niche with very little competition, and then add a small amount of fresh content on a regular basis.

If you do that Google will find your blogs and rank them very high for keywords relating to the niche you are in. Because there is less competition these blogs rank very quickly and can bring in some decent quality traffic.

2. Joining a membership site such as Even if you have a pretty good background in Internet marketing it is amazing how much you can learn from people who have been doing it for a while.

Plus what I like about this is they have videos that take you through step by step on how to do auto blogging the right way. And they have a members only discussion forum where you can go and ask questions.

The whole program is very impressive and worth the small investment it takes. They have different membership levels, but nothing is more than $ 67 a month.

3. Be consistent in setting up new blogs that you host yourself. There is no doubt that building a blogging empire takes a lot of work. Initially you will want to do the work yourself on a part time basis until you get a system in place.

Then you can outsource much of the day to day aspects of your business. The whole point of auto blogging is not having to spend a lot of time on any particular blog so you want to automate as much of it as you can.

I can actually see that anyone can make money on the Internet doing auto blogging if you just learn how. Once you get the hang of it is actually pretty easy and can be a lot of fun.

As long as you are willing to put a consistent effort this can be the answer to making money online that many of you are looking for.

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