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Paid and Free Traffic Generation

Traffic generation for a website is a common issue. There are plenty ways to get new visitors daily to see your website. Many believe that PPC is the best, because of its speed to get traffic, while others think that PPC is only wasting for money. No matter what the method you are using for drive traffic, as long as it is legal, it is fine. Legal means that you attract traffic ethically. What I mean is you may not spam others to force them to your website.

Traffic is a lifetime need for your website. Without it, your website is no longer useful. If you want your website last longer and longer, in providing services or products, that’s long you need traffic to it.

Therefore, you need long term traffic generation strategies of your own for your website. That’s why some of internet marketers prefer to generate traffic using free methods. It simply last longer than PPC.

Here’s the simple picture of it.

When you use PPC to drive traffic, it fulfill your need of speed for traffic. Once you sign up for PPC account, set keywords, then you can immediately start your campaign to advertise. But, the weakness of this method is whenever you want traffic, you have to pay. If you stop your campaign, then your traffic stop too.

On the other side, using free methods, such as article marketing or social bookmarking, can last longer than PPC. Once you submit your article or bookmarks on the net, it remains there forever as long as the site is still there. So you get long term traffic for free. But the weakness of this method is its speed. It cannot generate immediate traffic like PPC does. No wonder persons who use free method often become lazy, before finally give up.

So, which one is the best? it’s up to you to decide.

Lemy Yusento is one of thousands Internet Marketer who’s trying to achieve more & more success on the internet. He’s been using proven system on building his internet business.

How to Make Money with YouTube: Earn Cash, Market Yourself, Reach Your Customers

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How to Make Money with Youtube: How to Earn Money by Uploading Videos and Mon...

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Free Mass Traffic Review

Free Mass Traffic is definitely an innovative Internet Marketing solution developed by Adeel Chowdhry together with Chris Allen. But is this launch well worth looking over there? Well Adeel has made quite a identify for him self in the market producing Hyper Facebook Internet page views along with Mass Article Handle. Both were purchased making him hundreds of thousands and from knowledge We are able to say these were great. Now Free Mass Traffic will probably launch on January 29th. At this point, I’m almost positive you are already sighing and stating “another web page views getting program again? ” and I do not pin the consequence on you considering that there have been lots of them surfacing for several weeks.

Just what Actually Is Free Mass Traffic?

Well Free Mass Traffic for the reason that name indicates addresses one of the key issue for most affiliate marketers which is traffic. And then for even the best skilled internet marketers that is an hurdle some people must overcome sometimes. Free Mass Traffic’s major intent behind course is to take you as much free traffic as possible. It is not just simply e-books directing you to resourceful web sites, however software which is allegedly the brain child with complete analysis. Much time and money happen to be put into the creation of it and it’s in addition considered to be visionary.

Exactly what My Ideas?

Article Mass Control finished up being a pretty good program when it was before released and so I would not question the grade of Free Mass Traffic yet. Adeel has a exceptional reputation presenting great products that will meet your needs if the steps are implemented accordingly. It really is true that you will discover numerous scams you need to be aware of, but at the same time you can find systems that work. It really is dependent upon your willingness to have a shot at the recommended techniques by simply following each step to be certain of good results. Getting traffic is a must to reach your objectives as a result each time a vendor presents his or her product or service to the marketplace it could be smart to try considering you as a rule have a 60 day trial. Furthermore, the technique may very well work. we ought to not become too fast to judge according to past experience. Having said that I would recommend you try Free Mass Traffic if you’d like.

Want to find out more details about the course topics? Then, go to Free Mass Traffic Review page. You will also see my Free Mass Traffic Review

Most popular Traffic Secrets auctions

Traffic Secrets on eBay:

Traffic Enforcement Agent Exam Secrets Study Guide

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How to Make Money on Youtube : The Secret to Making Money on YouTube by…

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Most popular Make Money Online auctions

Most popular make money online eBay auctions:

Make Money Online from Home 2018 Earn $3000 / Day dropshipping made easy tips

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Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation

Outsourcing your traffic generation is the biggest secret in internet marketing. You should not be doing your Traffic Generation on your own! You really should be outsourcing or delegating to someone else or some other company, because that’s not really the job of the business owner or the entrepreneur.

I was talking with a friend of mine called Jeff Mills recently; he is a very successful internet marketer who is a massive proponent of Outsourcing. Jeff makes millions online and he teaches people about the benefits of outsourcing your work so you can focus on the core duties for your business.

When we were chatting Jeff mentioned some of the most important duties that you need to outsource, as these can be very time consuming.

The first thing that you should outsource is Article Marketing. What you will do is have someone else write those articles, 300-500 words, and at the bottom of the articles there will be a resource box – you make sure that your number 1 keyword that you want to get traffic from you hyperlink that back to your website, then you get your articles submitted to hundreds of article directories and get lots of back links to your site.

But here is something that you may not know… Go back into that article, strip the resource box from it and place that link through your article about 3 times and then you are going to submit it or syndicate it on 10,000 blogs. So now you have the same article on article directories, on 10,000 blogs with three back links in the article point back to your website.

There are networks out there that have lots of blogs on them where you can syndicate your content to them and it will appear on their blogs. This also has the benefit of almost instant indexing on Google. You can type in the title of your post and it will show pages of your post all on Google. It’s really impressive, and people are going to come across this content if they are doing a search of what your niche is.

The next thing that you should look to have outsourced is Press Release writing and Press Release Submissions. So what you do is take that same article, spin it into a Press Release and have it submitted to lots of press release sites.

You can go to where you can get it submitted for free, and they rank really well in Google too.

You see, doing all these kinds of things can be hugely time consuming, and you really don’t want to be wasting your time. I only mentioned a few things that could be outsourced there but the reality is, nearly everything can be.

You can get them to go to Facebook and create a Facebook profile for your business, they will create MySpace profile for your business, they will create videos and they will upload videos for you.

They will make forum posts, they will make blog posts, they will write articles and press releases all this for you for just a few hundred dollars a month.

It is a massive traffic strategy that is the way forward. If the big guys of the internet are using I don’t see why you shouldn’t too!

Ciaran Doyle, Internet Consultant & Interviewer Of The biggest names in Traffic Generation. Ciaran Doyle is one of the world’s top Internet Marketing Interviewers & Consultants. To find more about Ciaran Doyle and how he can help you and to collect 7 worth of free gifts visit

Free Traffic Methods

If you’re like most website owners/webmasters, getting any kind of traffic at all to your website is a blessing. Getting the kind of traffic you want is a Herculean-size task, which you have to struggle just to reach their destination. Whether it’s a webstore or a website that is promoting a service, you need a certain amount of traffic to make sales and accomplish goals. Without them, you can’t make any money.

How do you get people to browse your website, without paying a dime in advertisement? The answer to this is easier than you think. Below, you will see how you can use your writing skills to get more traffic for your website. Here we go:

1. Write medium length (400-500 word), SEO-based articles and submit them to major article directories. This is a sure way of getting people to your website – through a well-written article on your website. The key to using articles to do this is to use keywords that are popular and is rich. For example, if you’re writing an article on how to earn extra money from home, use keywords like financial, freedom, work at home, and work from home. Those are very popular in the search engines and will cause it to rank high in the search engines. A 400-500 word piece is best, when writing them – and don’t forget to use backlinks that direct people to your site.

2. Use high ranking sites to build pages. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, you would write free, SEO-oriented articles, and send submit them on free sites like, or These sites have an average PR ranking of 7 or 8 – which is very high – and in turn, allow your submissions to gain more exposure than article submission sites like ArticleCat or ArticleCity.

3. Making/submitting videos on YouTube. Another good method to use to generate free traffic to your website is making videos and placing them on YouTube. Make the video(s) (length don’t matter) about your website and tell people why they should go there. Doing this can generate a lot of free traffic to your website. It’s easy, fun, and drive people to your desired destination.

4. Write blogs on top social bookmarking sites and sharing it with others. You can write these blogs on your MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or Digg page – or any other of the top social bookmarking sites available. To make the process real simple, create RSS feeds for your blogs, so your subscribers can keep on top of any new blogs you post.

Greg has been a full time internet marketer for almost 3 years now. You can learn more about free traffic methods at his site

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