How to Make Money Online With YouTube and Video Marketing

Did you know you can bring in some bucks by strategically using YouTube? Here are some tips and pointers on how to make money online creating videos and putting them up on YouTube.

Pick your niche

Just like any other type of marketing or list building efforts, you have to pick a pick a niche. That is the first step.

Select keywords

Next you have to select your keywords. You will want to have several keywords…you don’t want to build a series of videos just around one or two words, right? So find a bunch…some short, some long-tail…that fit your niche. Make sure when you are starting out that you pick keywords that aren’t too competitive or finding your video will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Create a video

Once you have your niche and your keywords, you create one video that revolves around you main keyword.

One of your goals is to get people to subscribe to you YouTube channel, so you can actually have a request at the end of the video asking people to subscribe. This can either be you actually saying the words or by having text at the end that instructs the viewer how to subscribe and why.

Put your domain within your video! You want to drive traffic to your squeeze page, so include that URL in your video and a lot of people who watch your video will go there and opt-in.

Start with one video and then you can repeat the entire process after you are done. 

Upload the video

Upload your video to YouTube and now you are going to use your keywords in your title, your description and your tags. A lot of people forget this step and it is one of the keys to successful video marketing.

Another thing people often overlook is the thumbnail. The title and the pictures are the first things that viewers look at-they use them to decide if they are going to open the video or not. So if your thumbnail is not the image, you will have fewer people looking at your video. Make both your title and thumbnail exciting, and appropriate, you will have better clicks.

More traffic

Now it is time to get even more views–you can sponsor your video to a related video that is already getting a lot of views. To do this, search for YouTube videos that relate to one of your main keywords. Find some that are getting a lot of views and make a video response that has your video information in it. This allows you to leverage off that successful video’s traffic.

When people leave comments to your video you want to be sure to comment back. Google actually looks at your comments so when you are writing your responses try to add some keywords in.

Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to get traffic to your video. Also be sure to use social bookmarking sites…that will increase your traffic, too.

So now you have your video and lots of traffic…and you are building a list through your squeeze page. Now you can promote products, either your own or someone else’s to your list and that is how to make money online with YouTube video marketing!

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Best Internet Marketing Software

When looking or shopping for the best internet marketing software you have to consider different elements. Let’s consider what you need.

First of all you need software that will promote a product that is selling well. Don’t take someone’s word for it. Go out there and research it. If the software is listed on Clickbank, great! Clickbank will give you all the information you need to see how well the software is doing. If you have any trouble with any of the terms you can look them up on Google. But generally, you want a software that is selling. Also you want to check on the longevity of the product. You can do this by going onto and putting the URL in the search box. It will show how much the product is making and for how long. If it’s doing well over a long period of time you know it’s not just a “flash in the pan” product. Also, I would Google it and see if there are complaints about the product. Also, check if the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Then will all your research in, make the decision to get it or not. And, I’m sorry to say, even with all that in, you might be disappointed with the product. And that comes to the last point. Make sure the product comes with a money back guarantee. But it’s still worth taking the risk. You’ll never know any other way. The proof is in the pudding. You need to try it and see if it works and if there is a money back guarantee, use it. Clickbank is a reliable company and has been there for a long time. If you get the product from Clickbank there is a better chance that you will get what has been advertised. Honest companies want your business for a long time. Good luck on finding the best internet marketing software.

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How To Make Money On YouTube For Free

There are so many ways to make money that you may select the one which suits you best. One of them is YouTube. Yes, you can earn extra income by sharing your video.

YouTube is a most popular online video websites having millions of videos and millions of visitors every day. With millions of visitors, people are making thousands of dollar income every day. The method is simple – if you can generate visitors then you can also make money.

You are now wondering how to make money on YouTube for free. Here, you will learn how you can start this easily. First, you need to know everything about YouTube and their terms. Next step is joining YouTube. It’s free of cost.

Secondly, educate yourself. You can search like ‘how to make money on YouTube’. You will find there thousands of video. Watch some video and know everything clearly. This way, you will save a lot of time, which you will normally search for information.

If you have seen some video, I’m sure; you have some great ideas to start with YouTube. Create your own videos and upload them to the site. After you have finished this step, you need to apply for become a partner to locate the partnership services area of the website. This step will take time. YouTube will review and approve your application. It is important steps before you can start making money on YouTube.

You should also make an interesting portfolio before you apply for a partner. Once you have become successful and your application is approved then you will be able to make commission by displaying advertisements.

How does it work? This is simple, visitors will watch your video and if they click on an ad displaying with your video, you will get a commission. How much you could generate income through YouTube depends on your video popularity and type of videos.

Kumar Krishna is an online marketer and author of make 40$ each survey. You can visit to know more how to make money on YouTube


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