Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese and Why You Should Not Buy It

Several years ago I spotted an ad inside my local newspaper that mentioned something about sales pros wanted and a $ 1000.00 per week draw. Now, if you know anything about sale, then you already know that a position paying a $ 1000 weekly draw has tremendous income potential. What that means in a nutshell is that there are people making a heck of a lot more than a grand per week.

You might be wondering what in the world does this have to do with the new Traffic Secrets 2.0 product? Well, give me a second and it will make sense…

After going through a series of phone interviews, the company actually flew five or six of us to their headquarters in Florida. Once picked up from the airport, we were taken to the company headquarters to meet the Founder and CEO.

Eventually, he entered the conference room and I could tell right off that this gent was pretty sharp. He welcomed us to the company and commenced to tell us that his job there today was to convince us beyond a shadow of doubt why we absolutely, positively should not take this position with his company.

At first, I was thinking this was some kind of play on words. He was trying to fake us out knowing all along that he would not have flown a half dozen strangers all the way to Florida at his expense just to send them back home that easily. However, I was totally surprised when a few minutes into the talk one of the prospective salesmen said that it was not for him and left the room.

In an effort to ensure that he not only got the most motivated recruits, but to also ensure they would undoubtedly be successful, this CEO was openly telling it like it was as to the difficulty of the job and why we would not want to do it. It was a strange approach and one that I had never personally seen, but I respected his message. His approach also explained why more than 90% of the sales force was earning in excess of six figures per year.

Based on that little story, I want to give you a few solid reasons why you don’t want to waste $ 397 investing in the new Traffic Secrets 2.0 training course.

1. You Truly Don’t Need More Traffic-Yes, that might sound a bit crazy to anyone on the web struggling to generate more traffic but there are in fact some sites out there that have all the traffic they can handle. It’s much like a restaurant that is always full and no longer wants or needs to advertise. Personally, I would just open a bigger restaurant. Without trying to figure out why someone would choose this option, if traffic is not your primary concern, you might want to consider investing your dollars elsewhere.

2. You Prefer Immediate Download Products-Traffic Secrets 2.0 is coming to you the old fashioned way via U.S. mail. It is a professionally compiled package that comes in its own special case. The cds and training manuals are conveniently kept all together for quick access. This is a physical product that you can hold in your hands and appreciate. Even with the emergence of ebooks and videos, physical products are still the delivery method of choice for many companies and their customers.

3. You Are a No Action Jackson-In other words, if you can look over to your bookshelf and see dozens of courses or books that you’ve yet to read, you might be better served to start there first. There are many “should be entrepreneurs” on the web that just never get around to taking true action. They buy course after course and get frustrated at their lack of results. However, focused action, versus buying new courses, could turn that all around in a very short period of time. So, if you are going to make a decision to purchase Traffic Secrets 2.0, hopefully you will also make the very important decision to take action and put the strategies to work.

Here’s what you should know about the new Traffic Secrets 2.0 system…

It provides information that can help all levels of marketers from beginner to advanced, and teaches techniques that can be applied to virtually any kind of online business model.

This is a step by step, hold your hand, type of course that will show you proven ways to increase your website traffic. If you are running any kind of internet business, you already realize that traffic, plus conversions, equals profit and cash flow.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 is all about…

– Social Media Marketing & Strategy – Advanced Content Syndication – Cutting-Edge Video Marketing & SEO – Leveraging Software & Widgets – Setting Up Automatic ‘Content Factories’ – Building An Affiliate Army – And so much more.

You also get Lifetime Updates to the Traffic Secrets system and access to the much awaited online Private Coaching & Mastermind Community.

John Reese has proven himself over the last decade or more as being one of the top marketers on the internet. Some people have called him a genius but I’ll reserve that title for future use. He is clearly a very smart guy, and genius or not, he knows how to drive traffic and make money. Ultimately, I think that’s what you want to know as well.

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