3 Free Internet Marketing Tips

If you’re on a budget but you want to start a small business, the Internet is really the best way to start. I don’t know anywhere else you can start a small business with nothing. Do you? That’s what’s so awesome about this business. But you have to work. I know that bursts the bubbles of some of you but you must have been conned into believing you could make thousands of dollars by working 1 hour a week. I know I was. But it’s really not that bad. Here’s some free internet marketing tips I’m sure you could use.

When doing article marketing (the best way to market) use the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords that are under 3000 monthly searches. Use the keywords you find in your titles. This gives you hundreds of subjects to write your articles on. This and using a sprinkling of other relevant keywords in your article will get you on the first page of Google. Being on the first page of Google should be your primary goal. If you have this goal in, then it will be simpler to get more traffic to your affiliate links or to your website.

Go on other people’s blogs that are related to your product. Comment on them and leave your link. Do the same for forums such as answers.yahoo.com. But don’t just leave your link, leave helpful comments or answers.

Try blogging or doing reviews of similar products to yours. You can write on any subject matter relating to your product and of course leave your link. I would use keywords in your title that you find in #1 to ensure that you end up on the first page of Google.

 I hope you liked these free internet marketing tips. If you’re interested in more tools to get you traffic and sales please visit the links below.

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