Sarah Palin is Not a Work at Home Mom!

If there is one thing Sarah Palin is not it is that she is not a work at home Mom. In this day and age where more and more women are trying to find ways to work from home so that they can spend more time with the kids, Sarah Palin is one step away from uprooting her whole family and moving to Washington.

One of the silliest arguments against her that I have heard is that she has no family values. The argument goes that she is not doing what is best for her family because if she gets elected then she will obviously have less time to spend with her children. What the Liberals don’t get, however (and they never will), is the concept of putting your country first. Sarah Palin is in the unique position to serve her country in a capacity that no woman has ever done before. For this opportunity, she is willing to put her family second and I am sure they will be just fine with her stay at home husband in charge.

The new Liberals of the Democrat party don’t care one bit about helping this country and in fact are openly embarrassed by it. The Democrats want to know what this country can do for them and not what they can do for the country. They want handouts, freebies, free health-care, social services, and anything else they can get their hands on. What they really want is Canada and socialism.

Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs right now. She is getting more popular by the minute and has ignited a eyeglass fashion frenzy, has Sarah Palin action figures, the Sarah Palin hairstyle, the Sarah Palin smile, and who knows what else, all in less than a week. If she is not an example to young girls and women then I don’t know what is.

John McCain’s choice of Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is one of the most “crazy like a fox” choices and is revitalizing the Republican’s campaign and has every one talking. Sarah Palin could have never run for government office and decided to do what so many other women are doing nowadays: look for work at home jobs. Instead, she decided to see what she could do to make her state of Alaska a better place and she just might end up making America a better place as well.

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