Building Free Web Traffic

When you set out in the webmaster world trying to find traffic for your little website, blog, or whatever else you put together the most difficult aspect will be finding ways to market your website for free. In most cases the more traffic a websites gets the larger income the website or blog will generate. To earn any money you must have monetization links to affiliate products or ads placed on your website. As you build and build free website traffic the more links you will get and the more money your presence will generate. The absolute best type of traffic and the form any new webmaster or blogger should focus on is search engine traffic. The reason this is the best traffic is when someone searches in Google for your website they type in exactly what they want. If they click on your website it is because they need you rather than you marketing to them. This type of traffic is called targeted traffic and should always take priority over untargeted traffic.

To rank well in the major search engines you must first focus on getting your website indexed and make sure you have a URL which is optimized. Place a keyword or term in the URL which you would like to rank well for. When trying to get indexed one easy way to do so is submitting your website to a quality website directory. If this does not work there is a list of thousands over at Once your website is indexed one thing to remember about Google and the other major search engines is the only way to really see a payoff is waiting for at least six months during which time you will be building trust between your presence and the major search engines. To build trust all you need is quality content on your presence, links from respected websites across the web, and time so Google knows your website is not going to die within a year just like the majority of websites and blogs started. If you have these three things then you will only see growth.

While you are waiting on the organic free web traffic to come from the search engines there are a few resources that may be worth looking at. The major social websites across the web such as Twitter and Facebook are great for building a network. Within this network you should be communicating with everyone in your niche including the bloggers, webmasters, authors, and audience. Making connections with these people will be quite easy since everyone is looking for the same thing and will have an interest in the subject which you created a presence on. Sometimes you will be required to search twitter and look into Google groups to find people who have the same interest. Once you begin making connections with other webmasters and bloggers try to set up guest posts and other forms of cross promotion. One important thing to remember about marketing with social websites is rather than marketing directly to the social website you should focus on communication. Spend time talking with your audience rather than talking to your audience.

My name is Kris Beus webmaster of Free Web Traffic and this Free Web Directory

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Plumber & HVAC SEO Podcast – Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Plumbing Contractors hosted by Josh Nelson – Plumber & HVAC SEO Podcast – Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Plumbing Contractors

Plumber & HVAC SEO Podcast – Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Plumbing Contractors hosted by Josh Nelson – Plumber & HVAC SEO Podcast – Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Plumbing Contractors
from Plumber & HVAC SEO Podcast – Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Plumbing Contractors
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Money Blog Online

Now you can start blogging online. A money blog is the best way to earn a good sum of money. A good blogger if spent adequate time on his blog can easily make a good living out of it. In order to do so there are three different ways that one can adopt.

In the recent years blogging has gained a lot of popularity and more and more people are adopting money blogs to earn their living. A fun and interesting way to earn money, blogs are very interesting to write and read. However it is not as easy as it appears to be as one requires doing a lot of writing for it, so if you are someone who is good at maintaining and writing them then you should definitely take the job a step further and earn a good income from it.

The most basic type of making earnings through blogging is by setting up Ad sense on your blogs. This can be done by purchasing your own domain name and hosting or using the search engine’s ad sense which is absolutely free of cost! All you have to do to use this is that you need to place their code on your blog that carries good quality articles.
For every click that you get on the ads you get a certain amount paid for it. This type is very popular and has been taken up by a lot of people. However, it is excellent option for a side income, all you need is good quality articles on your blog and your good to go!

The next type that is popular is affiliate marketing. This type may be slightly difficult unlike the ad sense. Here the blogger is required to search and collect products that he or she feels are useful for the consumers. When such products have been found the blogger can write reviews regarding them and along with quality writing pasting a link of the product is the key. The more the numbers of people purchase the product via your posted link the more money you get. However it is important that you post products that are related to your blog. For example blogging about weight loss is excellent for hosting links of exercise equipments.

Another type is rather unusual as in pay per post blogging you get paid for the number of articles you write regarding a product. There are many companies in the market who would require the assistance of writers. Hence giving your services to will earn you money for every post of yours. Some companies may give the writer a certain percentage of the income or they may give you a flat price for every piece that you write.

If you’re an owner of a product or services then this can truly help you out to sell your products. If you set up your own money blog then you get paid for everything from the posts to all the income via selling of the products. This could be difficult however to maintain and can be time consuming.

Nonetheless, a money blog can be nice for stay-at-home parents, even someone looking for more cash. This might be good for young individuals going to school and living with their parents. They could save it for something special!

Information just like this will help you discover some hot blog tutorial tips fast that you will love, and also some of the best new and fast in use money blog secrets.

Money Online

Picture this:

You get your first site set up, and quickly start generating 100 daily visitors.

On that site, you promote a simple CLICKBANK AFFILIATE

offer, for a $ 35 commission.

As it turns out, your page converts at 1%… so for every 100 visitors, you’re making one $ 35 commission – and it’s all completely hands off and autopilot.

That’s $ 35 a day – $ 1050 a month, hitting your bank account automatically.

So you move on to the next site… and run through the process again… then the next one and the next one.

Ten sites later, you’re ripping down a VERY easy $ 350 a day… and all it took was a few hours using the simple traffic secrets I’ll be revealing to you in just a second.

But even that is just scratching the surface…

… because once you can get 100 a visitors a day, all you need to do is scale it up a little bit, and you can easily get 500 a day, or a thousand a day…

The sky is the limit here…

Imagine in 90 days time having 10 sites that each get 500 visitors a day and converting a $ 35 commission at 1%…

… that’s a very easy autopilot income of $ 1750 a day…

… and it is all for free!
It doesn’t have to stop there either… there’s literally no limit to the amount of traffic a system like this could generate for you…

… I mean, if I’m able to use it to generate traffic figures like these, you can easily copy me and do the same.

The funny thing is, it’s really not difficult to get traffic numbers like that…

… the trouble is, most of the stuff that other people are showing you in their courses and “loophole” systems just isn’t true…

… sure, you’ll find something useful from time to time, but for the most part…
You are being lied to !

But that’s okay… because I’m about to lay out the truth for you.
In addition to this revolutionary software thats completely unheard of and unseen I will EDUCATE you as to the REAL reason best practice online guru speak is designed to ensure that you FAIL.

You’ll witness some stone cold truths like:
How easy blogging should actually be

How the internet is a golden temple for easy cash IF you have access to it (be patient… you will!)

Why everything about the gurus is as fake as the figures they claim to earn

How traffic is actually EASY to obtain


Total Traffic Annihilation

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Engaging Your Internet Marketing Team: Internet Marketing Tips

Hey guys! I hope everything’s going well in your neck of the woods. It’s surely going swell in mine.


As an Internet marketer, your team is one of your assets. Without them, you’d be forced to do everything on your own. Without them, you’d waste precious time accomplishing routine tasks- time which would have been better spent at leveraging your products. Without a team, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. You won’t be able to take advantage of the diversity of knowledge that could propel your biz forward. Without a team, you’d have to find solutions to every problem you face on your own.


But let’s face it. Most of the time, the people we get to compose our team will always have a “subordinate mindset.” They will see themselves as our employees. They will always see us as their boss. There’s nothing wrong with this. After all, that’s the reality. However, this boss-subordinate view discourages creative thinking. They will wait for you to tell them what to do and how to do it. Instead of capitalizing on the fresh, unique and better perspectives that they offer, subordinates will simply do what you wish even if it’s detrimental to your business.


Drawing out their opinions begins with you. It’s your responsibility to get them to talk. In order to do that, you’ve got to let them feel that they are part of your team. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating because it’s too damn important to forget: Your team can bring your biz to the next level if you make them feel that they stand to benefit from your success. That’s how to earn their commitment. They’ve got to treat your business as their own. Otherwise, they’ll be content just to earn a salary for a day’s work.


No one, not even the most expert of gurus, has the answer to every problem. There will always be a stone that’s left unturned. That’s why it’s essential to get as many heads as you can to work out a solution. That’s the advantage of parallel processing. By giving out particular chunks of a problem for team members to work on, you’ll most likely find a suitable solution sooner than if you would do it by yourself. Besides, when you engage your team, you stimulate everyone into thinking of creative solutions that would otherwise have been missed if you do it yourself.


Facing a problem? Engage the power of your Internet marketing team and find a solution!


If you would like to learn more about Starting a Successful Internet Marketing business, then go to my site to get my free report called “A Simple Blueprint For Starting An Online Business”.

10 Secrets to Massive Traffic

If you’ve been online for any period of time, traffic generation has probably been a stumbling point at some juncture. In this article, you’ll uncover 10 secrets to massive traffic. Most of them are low or no-cost methods.

One of the best sources of qualified traffic is search engine marketing. Included under this umbrella is search engine optimization and PPC (pay per click). When compared to traditional advertising and marketing tactics, these two are very inexpensive especially considering the types of returns you can get from both.

Social bookmarking can help you with your search engine optimization campaign along with driving qualified traffic to your website especially if you have quality content to bookmark. Generally speaking, others should bookmark your quality content first so that you don’t get the reputation of a spammer or a “honk.” Once someone else has bookmarked a piece of your content, is generally okay to go in and bookmark the content yourself because someone else promoted at first.

Social networking can be a source of a lot of qualified traffic especially if you are genuine and congruent in your dealings with your online contacts and following. The key to social networking is honesty and transparency. If you get those two things down, others will have no problem helping you promote your stuff.

Syndication is another great traffic generator. Imagine uploading one piece of content that spreads like a virus all over the Internet at the touch of a button. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is possible provided you create quality content and build up a sizable following. Website and blog owners are always looking for sources of high quality information they can share with their users and following so syndication plays a big role in that. Some examples of syndicated content include: video, podcasts, blogging, and article e-zines.

Speaking of article e-zines, that is yet another source of highly relevant and targeted traffic that you can attract to your website without investing a lot of your resources because you should be an expert in your particular market or industry. Creating a 300 word article should be a breeze especially if you have your hand on the pulse of your target market.

Live events such as tele-seminars, webinars, trade shows and in person seminars can drive hordes of relevant visitors to your website especially in the post-event phase. If you share quality information during your live event, it is not taboo to promote one of your products or services at the conclusion of that event. This can obviously increase sales quickly if you have a backend product to offer.

Affiliate and JV Networks can also help you drive a lot of quality traffic to your website especially if they have a house list to promote your products and services to. Your partners can also help you with this.

Online classified ads can help drive another sector of traffic to your website with little to no investment required. CraigsList is frequently referenced as one of the better sources of relevant and quality traffic online, and it doesn’t cost anything to place an ad on their site.

Finally, don’t overlook forums and industry message boards as a source of high quality and relevant traffic for your website. Often times, forums are populated with fellow industry experts, but customers will drop in frequently to see what’s going on with the industry and have their questions answered. This is a prime opportunity for you to stretch your stuff.

There you have no less than 10 tactics to drive gobs of traffic to your website without having to invest a lot of money or resources to do it. Give one or more of them a try and see how they do. Good luck!

Roger Bauer is the creator of the Search Engine Ninja, a 12 Week SEO Training Program designed to help increase sales through search engine optimization and social media marketing.

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